Solar Panels Photovoltaic and How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are devices that can convert sunlight energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaic technology (photovoltaic / PV) is used to convert solar radiation into electrical energy. This electrical energy generated will be stored in batteries, which you can use for electronic devices and adjusted to their electrical needs.

The sun is one of the giant stars in the universe. This sun provides an unlimited variety of energy in it. With the development of technology, solar energy can be used as an alternative source of electrical energy that is much needed by mankind.

Based on history, this technology already existed in the 18th century, precisely in 1839. A physicist from France named Alexandre Edmond Becquerel who first coined photovoltaic technology. 

Initially photovoltaic technology was initiated through irradiation experiments with two electrodes. This irradiation uses selenium which can be used to produce electrical energy in small amounts. This experiment is proof that electrical energy can be produced from light energy.

In 1904, Albert Einstein also researched solar cells called the photoelectric effect experiment. It was only in 1941, a researcher named Russel Ohl was able to develop solar panel technology. This technology became known as solar cell technology and its use is still being used today.

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How Solar Panels Work

  • Solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity.
  • The inverter converts the electricity generated by the solar panels from direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).
  • Energy is used to power your electrical appliances